The Baking Tray aka Rebecca. A person I had no clue about.

Two years or a bit more maybe, there was an article in Midday about her culinary expertise and I had tweeted about it. Surprisingly, Ashwin Mushran who apparently was & is lucky to be married to her, tweeted back asking if it was possible to keep the newspaper, since they were not in town and he could collect it. Wary of address/collection/meeting asked him for his address, which he provided and told me that he would reward me with cake. I couriered it to him, received thanks and life moved on.

During the intervening period, Rebecca underwent some personal upheaval, practically shut down the business and disappeared.

A couple of months back, she announced her return and starting her business again. Last week I was cribbing about too many bakers following me, when I get a tweet from her, asking for my address. I was unsuccessful in avoiding that and hence parted with it.

There was a home delivery yesterday, when I was not around.



Upon my return, read the sweet note, asking me to try out the cake with coffee. Hah! Wait for tomorrow, not me. Convinced the wife to share a piece, that became two.

Uniquely Delicious. No other words to describe it. I don’t even want to talk about taste, texture and other related gyan.

I am just zapped that she remembered me after two years about such a small thing.

Just callher or email or tweet and try out the cakes.

Written by AD
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