Derived Power

The Heading is for want of a relevant and perfect phrase. As I write, it may come to mind, but in the meantime…

We have all had instances of debates, arguments, rage against those who are not in seat of power but derive it by virtue of closeness to the power centre, person.

Examples can range from assistants, secretaries, party members, servants, drivers at times… excluding spouses and children because they come under the category of “Jaanta hai mera baap, maa, husband kaun hai”

People all over the country have definitely faced a situation outside a store, restaurant where the valet/security refuse to allow you to park, citing private parking, no parking, hotel/store owned parking.

I have always had issues with the ‘ownership’. Some of the larger 5 stars pay for the privilege by purchasing the space – officially/unofficially. But all else do it by paying off the local beat marshals, BMC.

An acute one is Citibank – Juhu, the bungalow owned by Bachchan family. I rarely have to go there, but have been there a couple of times in the past half year.

The first time around, I got down asking the driver to park a little ahead, where there was empty space and went in. When I came out, he was on the opposite side and told me that the couple of security from Trig outside Bachchan bungalow did not allow him to park there.

The second time last month, another driver was still arguing with them when I came out and the security went away when they saw me.

Today, a day of no driver, commanded by the wife to complete the work, off I went, saw ample of space and reverse parked, with lot of space before the gate of the Bachchan gate. Promptly, the security came knocked on the window and told me, ‘You can’t park here’ Upon asking him ‘Why?’
spate of answers flowed:

Bada Gaadi aayega toh?
Idhar Parking allowed nahi hai?
Aap Jante ho na kiska bungalow hai na?
Gaadi tow hojayegi?
Mein Supervisor ko bulata hoon.
Aap Padhe likhe aisa karoge toh kya hoga.

All the time, my request was simple – I need to go to the bank for 5 min, if you want come and call me there or call somebody from inside to understand the logic of refusal.

Finally, I gave up and told him “Bhaisaab, aapko itna pyaar se samjha raha hoon, aap akkad rahe ho? Jao jo karna hai karlo, phir mein dikhata hoon, aap jaante nahi mein kaun hoon”

Silence, after that. Finished my work, came back and went away. Having said this, I know for a fact that the office of the family would have supported the security if called.

Why? Because we do not as a case ask the question when somebody claims ownership. On a similar note, security vehicles are parked on the footpath there, as well as the huge makeup van, but that is allowed?

This is in no way directed only to the family, but I’ve had similar experiences at restaurants in Bandra, jewellery stores where I stay, just as all of you must have had.

Can we do something about it? Yes. Do we want to do something about it? Don’t think so.

What do you say?

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends