PVR cinemas

Fame AdLabs one of the earliest multiplex in Bombay, downed its shutters last year, having been bought over by PVR and everyone was waiting for it to reopen.

It did finally open a month or so ago and the family was keen to go and watch a movie there. Tried to book tickets, unsuccessfully and then reading the price, almost suffered a breakdown. A week back read about some Tuesday offer and decided to try it out again. Rs. 300/- for three tickets was pretty good, so off we went to the movies.

The parking is still controlled by Citi Mall and is as pathetic as ever. There is a new California coffee or something kiosk in the parking lot.

The entrance is new and shiny with the smell of popcorn wafting thru; and you can buy popcorn whilst waiting for people outside or even pickup to carry along home or drive – a good idea.

The upstairs foyer is completely done up with a lot of space created with niche and has concessionaire on one side with other brands on the other, besides the regular stuff, there is momos, costa coffee, pizzas, chaat…

The prices are more or less on par with Cinemax which means Multiplex prices.

The seats in the normal screen were very good, in fact far better than others I have been to and futuristic moulded kind with leg room, where people can actually walk past you.

The screen and audio was good, far superior to Fame, Fun and better than Cinemax, but the newness also has to do something with it.

So, First ever visit to PVR anywhere. Like it. Possibility of repeat visit high, based on convenience and price. But they definitely need to work on their online and customer service.

Written by AD
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