Some days ago, a young gentleman Shripal Gandhi shared his dream of a new concept in the online space, which would be launched in the Beta phase soon and requested me to review a book for him.

The book arrived, nicely shrink wrapped and all. Turned the back and was surprised to see equal space devoted to something about the book and the author and both seemed similar.

Began reading it on a rainy day, when the mood was not inclined to do any work.

A nice beginning about a small town boy – second child, who is not taken seriously by his family, but makes it good in the same town, finds love, loses his business ‘overnight’ and rises from the ashes so to speak.

A decent attempt, but there is no drama, story associated with fiction, more like an autobiography turned into fiction.

There are those standard waves of more time given to beginning and middle with a rushed happy ending.

Seriously speaking, a lot more effort should have put in to make it more exciting.

Written by AD
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