Last year, the same months, I had faced service deterioration with Vodafone that was extremely painful, given the fact that my entire family has Vodafone numbers since nearly a decade and my dad was in the hospital and there was no signal from the entire stretch starting from my residence to the hospital.

Then began the usual template answers – shut the phone, restart, change SIM card (this turned into a nightmare because they wanted an old company to provide a letter with rubber stamp) sending their engineer to my residence where there was no signal etc till as such time getting really senior people involved, who accepted that there was a couple of tower problems and they were addressing it on priority. They finally managed because on September 1, 2012 I lost my Dad and I was able to use my phone to text, call people. Thank you Vodafone.

There were intermittent problems, but 10 days ago it started again. ‘No Service’ started appearing. Having always paid by ECS decided to wait for a day, then tweeted about it.


There was a prompt template response, and to be fair they called up my extended and immediate family, before finally calling me up after a couple of days, took down all details and said would get their team to check and call me back.

On saturday, a technical person landed up at home, asking for my daughter who had no clue what this was about; in any case the problem was not at home, but at the road stretch leading to the hospital – this year my visits are due to mother’s ill health.

There have been multiple tweets informing me that they tried to get in touch with me but I was unavailable etc.

It is at such a time, I seriously have the following questions for Vodafone

1) If you treat me as a valued/influential ‘customer’ due to my ‘amplified tweets’ why don’t you have
co related my name and number for the last couple of years.
2) Does a tweet from my account mean that every single immediate and distant family would be
called? Where/How do you manage to mine that data? AND miss my number only?
3) Except you, everyone can get thru to me on the vodafone number – new technology maybe?
4) Do you need assistance on customer service and social media? Please take my help to
crowd source so it works.

My phone is on standby and I eagerly await your call!

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends