As most people know, my Dad expired last year.

During his time, he loved to interact with tons of different banks, insurance, mutual fund, equity – always with respect to changing names, account numbers, non receipt of dividend, demand for the change in interest etc.

This was also a bone of contention with me, because he would spend money on telephone calls, fuel which seemed exorbitant to me, and leading me to remind hime of his adage, when I was young and would make two trips for some work and he would reprimand me, but that was always swept away. Even my plea that, I would give him a deposit, instead of sending the driver to deposit cheques for Rs. 5/15 or anything sub 100.

Whilst he was meticulous in scribbling down everything, which except him nobody could read or understand and consolidated quite some of it during the last six months when he was bed ridden.

Immediately after his death, most of his subscriptions, even the Life Time, Free etc were informed to discontinue. Most of them did so, with some even sending a mail, letter of condolence.

Amongst those who refuse are the “Insurance and Mutual Fund”. For some reason the barrage still continues, persistently in spite of numerous mails of cancellation.

A well known Insurance company, who keeps calling once or twice a month asking the most inane questions to my mother, who now uses the same cell.

At times, I have politely informed them, but today was really taking it to the next or probably the last level.

XYZ: Aap Arvind Desai bol rahe ho (This after 2 minutes of debate and information gathering with
my mother)
AD: Nahi, aap ko bataya gaya tha ki woh guzar gaye, pichle saal.
XYZ: Woh toh theek hai, magar policy ka pucchna tha.
AD: Ma’am aap samajh rahe ho, aap kya bol rahe ho.
XYZ: Unko pucchna tha – Koi, agent ki complaint, policy ya company ki complaint
AD: Ma’am my father expired last year.
XYZ: Ha, phir bhi, yeh toh pata chalega toh customer service ko information milegi.
AD: When was this policy taken? (This policy was taken in my sister’s name some years ago)
XYZ: Woh pata nahi, aap ke paas record hoga na. Magar aap ko koi complaint hai, aap Arvind
Desaiji se pucchh sakte hai?
AD: (Loud voice) Ma’am my father is DEAD – D E A D samajhte ho?
XYZ: Theek hai sir, aap chillaye mat, mein sirf customer service se hoon, aur service kaisi hai
woh jaan na chahti hoon;
AD: If I have a complaint, I will call you.
XYZ: Dhanyvaad, XYZ se sampark karneke liye, doosra call aapko agle mahine karenge.

I do not know whether to cry or laugh.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends