A shetty quarter joint since time memorial. Once, a regular at Jantan that was one of the many in Bandra; today a cult following because all the others are shut, taking advantage of the high rents/sellouts.

The recent last time, I had been there was when some twitter people Hardik Aalaap had called me and I was there for just 15-20 minutes. Not that I am a snob, on the contrary have much better quarter joints closer home.

But a friend down from Chennai, trying to coordinate other friends, out of which one was emphatic about eating at Rajathan that day, led me to suggest some places in Bandra – most which were shot down as saying too pseudo hipster and they wanted to show a different bar.

Picking up a the friend from Chennai reached by 8 pm. Entering the place politely had a couple of drunks walking down, which led my friend to remark ‘Perfect place Machha’ Right behind them, two more men walked down, one of them called out my name, on seeing my blank look, introduced himself as Harshit. Again the comment ‘You’re a regular, Maccha’.

The first floor was chocoblock and the friend waited whilst I used the facilities. He was asked to wait down, probably given his accent – similar to Deepika in Chennai Express – but fortunately one of the old timer, maybe the manager recognised me and quickly organised a good table for 6 of us. We ordered something to munch on, with Nilu very impressed with the chakna.

Some of the regular chakna was ordered – Chana garlic fry – excellent and can equal to a couple of other favourite places of mine; Chicken ishtay – recommended by the nice gent who met & recognised me, nice, indian chini kind, best eaten hot. The surprising find of the evening was Toast omlet – the toast done in the tandoor and hence tasted quite different, a must try. The special server Sanoj kept the service A class.

In an hour and half, there were overloaded tables, with some people walking around and drinking also 🙂 The noise would have gone 1000 times Db limits when we decided to leave.

Whilst, winding up, which was late, Wajid was concerned about Rajasthan not having food, which has known to happen, at least the food he wanted to eat. So, I decided to ride on my luck which had worked here also and called up to reserve food – see the difference an A grade place you don’t reserve place, but food and at hipstah places you reserve place not food.

Maqsood bhai was very happy to hear and confirmed that their special green kheema, boti, sheekh would be kept aside for us.

And it was something that hit the sweet spot – nearly home made kind of stuff, had with fresh pav, topped up with firni.

Overall, a fun retro boy’s night out, though there were tables at Janta having a girl’s night out.

Cheap booze, fast service, excellent food with good friends what more do you want?

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends