It has been a couple of months since I had heard about these websites and wanted to check out the convenience.

Since these were websites with repeat value, decided to try them out a couple of times before actually writing about them.

Home Page No real differentiator. Same in your face deals and details.

Registration & log in Big Basket was smoother and more convenient, it also allows you to save the user id password (convenient when on your computer/tablet). Local Banya does not allow this option.

Product Range More or less similar, with some variation – some product range better at one or the other, with ‘exclusive’ offerings. Sometimes a deal breaker.

Offers ‘Exclusives’ at both places, though local banya has consistent bi weekly offerings, whereas big basket seems to have constant changing ones, with no bundling. Overall every selected order I managed to save 7-12%

Communication Local Banya is very strong in my experience; whilst Big Basket lacks in spite of the superior technology they employ. Had problems with both, Local banya managed to address with one call, Big basket fumbled it thru with text, call, call back and then resolution.

Delivery Equal options of timing. Adherence to the timings mostly, but Local Banya scores due to its free delivery for Rs. 500/- vs Big Basket for Rs. 1000/-


1) Data just does not seem to have been used – eg Bundling is generic instead of specific
2) Points are fine, however how would a constant stickiness or visit be kept. Layer of %
discount increasing as you buy more during a month/quarter.
3) PreLoaded card or deposit may work for a lot of people.
4) More language translation of products required and making it elder/servant friendly on the
5) Pre booking not available eg Butter+Cheese+Oats+Eggs delivery every sunday/twice a
6) Trial packs not available

I think these are suggestions are good enough when free 🙂

Currently, I am locked in with Local Banya because of the delivery price band, however would go with Big Basket or another one who would use data to service my requirements more effectively.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends