A fortnight back, read about Hyderabad Xpress via Roshni Bajaj and her recommendation about it. Having interacted with her on Twitter and found some common food love, decided to try it out when celebrating Iftaari at a friend’s place.

Being a large group of 10 people, called up and asked for Gibran, the owner who was recommended by Roshni Bajaj.

Gibraan was unavailable and hence his partner Zayed helped in the ordering.

Chicken Shahi Hyderabad Dum Biryani – The only difference seemed to be nos of chicken pieces compared to regular dum biryani.

Mutton Hyderabad Dum Biryani – Very similar to chicken.

Found both biryani to be bland, and as Wajid who is a connoisseur of biryani commented – no masala stuck on the pieces, neither did the rice have a bit of masala, sirf basmati chawal se biryani nahi banti.

The raita and baigan ka salan were a complete let down, the salan in particular – tasted completely different than any salan I have tasted till date. Either the restaurants in Hyderabad have no clue of what a salan is or Hyderabad Xpress have a different recipe, but it tasted like oily masala paste.

Lukhmi Kebab – Looked nice, tasted OK, but the different pieces tasted different, with two being fresh and the others dark/burnt and crisp with the overcooked taste, maybe a leftover refried.

Matka Veg – There was not much to expect from this dish, given that vegetarian in the menu was just basic and it stuck to its groove – could have given it a miss.

There was no Paneer, because according to Zayed, quality paneer is not available in Bombay.

Dum ka Kheema saved the evening, it was delicious with just the right spice and there seemed to be a dash of malai which tempered the sharpness, but fail to understand how can you ‘Dum’ a kheema.

The assorted Roomali (some were half cooked) Phudina paratha (excellent) with limited onions & rare lime completed the meal.

Would we try it again, maybe for the kheema and sheek but the biryani was a complete let down.

Location: New Link Road, Andheri West
Meal: Dinner
Food: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Damages: Approx 4000 for 10

Written by AD
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