One of my rare excursions to Lower Parel – raining heavily and there was water logging as well as traffic jams even on some of the smooth sailing flyovers on Tulsi Pipe road.

Saw a couple of cars taking a U turn right on the flyover and go back. Asking Why? to one of them who slowed down got me the classic Indian reply.

Today morning, a sudden spurt of showers, need to visit the bank which is near signal at Model Town, faced a car parked right on the zebra and driver digging out boogies. A request to park correctly and bang came the answer “Tera kya jaata hai”

We can keep discussing & debating education for children and how families need to teach them now so will learn etc; BUT what about your damn 63% youth who has studied and has no civic sense and will rarely learn now?

Written by AD
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