There has been a plethora articles dissecting the problems, blaming the authorities, offering ideas on the above.

I have mostly given it a miss, due to the fact that there are no long term commitments that anyone of us wishes to give, other than rant, rave for a bit. The stand up comedy gets into action, the pseudo celebs get their two bits of fame, media helps and then moves on.

Some basics were covered by Sidin here which made a lot of sense, however touched upon the same points that many have written about, including yours truly who wrote about this a couple of years ago.

As a parent of a girl, nay a lady as she would prefer, I am always worried even hyper at times about her safety. I understand the need for safety and the need for authorities to provide all of this – because we are a democracy, are entitled, pay taxes. We are very vocal about all of this, as we should be, but most of the time it looks like – worrying about the fuel cost when you actually do not have a car.

Some facts that always seem to be overlooked:

# Maharashtra has not followed ‘Police Reform’ in spite of the Supreme Court orders.
# There are Laws, which may not be ideal, but are sufficient, to begin with, provided they are
enforced and we hold authorities accountable.
# Comparison with global figures is always taking the easy way out.

How do you ever expect Police, Courts, Authorities to ever take you seriously when

¢ You do not address the basics of civic and citizenry like
Laughing/Avoiding assistance when the rikshaw/taxi guys throw an attitude
Keep worrying about the social implications and relative debates.
¢ Do not have the inclination and willingness to
1) Ensure area wise audit daily/weekly of each Police station to check FIR lodged?
2) Force the local Corporator & Police to answer 3 area related questions every month?
3) Audit the online/offline mechanism from the local district – state – national level & get
the relevant answers
In short hold everyone Accountable

Democracy or Swaraj may be our birthright having been born in India, but with our current attitude, the time is not far when the ‘right’ would only be wrong.

Written by AD
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