Everyone has had their moments of gore & glory; ranting and raving; sense of false achievement on Social Media – Facebook & Twitter – to be more precise.

In the past 10 months, I have had half dozen experiences that left a bitter taste.

1) December 2012 – A young lady was allegedly beaten so much in a Delhi Police Station. I was amongst the few who questioned, got the girl’s, her mother & friends number – texted/spoke to them, got Jiten to assist. Result the mother did not want ‘outside help’ friend whose dad was a diplomat wanted to help & the girl?? BUT all of them wanted to broadcast and cry themselves hoarse AND tar all men as molesters and what have you.

2) Delhi Starbucks – A young man faced a problem, FaceBook post deleted by the brand etc. Multiple of RT and brand bashing. Asked a couple Q before RT and he felt affronted. Apparently matter was resolved in whatever way; neither brand nor the young man clarified.

Last week faced 3 situations

1) A friend Gautam shared on FaceBook a photograph of a Male who had been following a girl and a male friend in the general compartment of a local train and they had not received help from other people. I shared this on Twitter and by the time a couple of people looked at it, the
post had allegedly been taken down due to some well wisher’s advice.

2) A tweet by a lady on behalf of her friend and RT by Ravi about two men harassing in an auto. RT done asked for more information, because a parallel tweet showed the source as blocked, answer
also provided. I amongst others recommended lodging a police complaint. Given the fact a fair number of celebrities spread the word, Main stream media also ran the article, men were picked up AND released because they had a convincing answer. Also nobody had lodged a

3) A media personality tweeted ‘Friend was touched inappropriately by a abcd brand courier’ and came onto my TL via Nikster. I specifically asked some Q and also suggested course of action. No response but a flurry of ranting tweets which got RT and ended with ‘Created a furore here, got the brand to apologise’

Will all this stop men from ogling, touching inappropriately etc NO. Because most of them do not even know what SM is or do not give a damn. Unless the social media broadcast is taken offline into the real world and the results broadcast again, which would give courage to others and act.

Will I stop RTing or helping? NO. I will continue, but always checking before extending help here on Social Media. I definitely do not want to be a party to ‘Brand/Person bashing’ more so when the people who start do not have the decency/guts to take it to the logical conclusion.

All the above are true instances and I have valid proof/screenshots about them

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends