A polite tweet by Divya Surana and then a mail and lo behold a Trial packet from Chef’s Basket arrived home a couple of months ago, with absolutely no expectations.

This was followed by Shravan, hospital visits for the family, Navratra and the poor packet lay in one corner of the kitchen. Last week, the Sunday plan was foisted on me and I decided to try out italian/american.

Opening the packet with mother and wife overlooking my shoulder, daughter joined them in a while, I gave up pretensions and handed over to the wife, exiting the beautiful, expensive but by now over crowded kitchen, and concentrated on preparing the American but Veggie burger AND yes I know, Burger is supposed to be Non Veg.

The Pasta was ready in a bit. Red is a favourite of my daughter, whilst we prefer white, but decided to try it out. AND pleasantly surprised. Mother and wife really liked it, with mom commenting on the Indian taste 🙂 and I found it a different change. I was ordered by the wife to ensure that I pick up white pasta the next time around.

The packing is neat, ingredients just right, and takes around 20 minutes to cook. Perfect for a working couple in a city like Bombay, A must have at home. And at Rs. 250/- with a couple of slices of garlic bread, is good enough for two people evening meal.



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