Pico Express had opened in Lokhandwala and I was amongst the first to try it out and write here

After nearly a year, somebody from a PR company sent a request mail (very polite) asking if I would be interested in trying out their Pot – something they had just introduced, which was basically a full meal and perfect for working people or even as a one off evening.

I responded saying that I had tried out their non vegetarian and found it good and in fact had tweeted about it also. However, they sent across another trial with a thank you note. Nowhere during this entire communication was a request to tweet/blog about it.

During the same week, I noticed that a lot of famous food lovers & personalities had also received it and there were discussions, photographs galore.

I tried it out along with my daughter and found it quite good, in fact better than my paid trial 😉 however my daughter claimed credit of having mixed it and heated it correctly.







Post that, I’ve tried out all the variants and found the non veg better than veg, maybe because I don’t like mushrooms and similar vegetables 🙂 And yes, they had also kindly sent a voucher for Rs. 500/- to try out the other stuff. I preserved it, because of its proximity, I had practically tasted everything, but soon.

This retails around 200-300 and is decent value for money.

Written by AD
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