I had written about B school entrepreneurs and my advise here

Aditya Mishra is one of them who bucked the trend, but in a perfect way.

I first met him, when I was invited to speak at Startup Saturday his initiative with a couple of others like Netra a couple of years ago. Post that I asked him, how does he keep track of the entrepreneurs/startups who attend etc. He just smiled at me.

We lost touch, he was busy working on his dreams; I was gainfully occupied doing things that I thought were enjoyable, when I was invited by Gaurav to speak on entrepreneurship at another gathering. I met Aditya again. I had put on weight, he had lost a bit of hair, looked satisfied with the world and was amongst couple of others like Ankita Gaba and Sampath who looked on amused when I presented some contrarian views.

A week later, he sent a mail, asking if we could catch up over coffee and we did.

Over discussions of how his Product SwitchMe which helps people evaluate their electricity and housing loans and change to a better provider, the pitfalls and how he felt confident enough to finally quit his job and start an own office.

It is here that he shared his original HeadStart and how it has grown, people volunteer and the objective remains the same – come, meet, learn, share, communicate. No committments.

It was a lovely couple of hours and it taught me a lot. Much Respect and May he succeed beyond his expectations.

Written by AD
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