A place famous for macroons run by Pooja Dhingra opened an outpost in Palladium, lower parel sometime in 2011/12 if my memory serves me right.

I happened to notice it the day they opened and decided to take it for my daughter, unfortunately they were over. My daughter who is a sweet fanatic, kept insisting that since my office was close by I pick them up soon.

Over the next couple of months, I must have passed the place number of times at various times of the day (since we had a store and it was easier to meet people in High Street Phoenix) Every single time, there were no macaroons available or at times just one variety. I had tweeted this in disgust a couple of times, when Pooja had responded that it was teething problems and they were selling it pretty fast etc. Fair enough, but then you need to scale up. However, their business so moved on, no longer worked in lower parel so forgot about it.

This year they opened in Bandra and there was a repeat of the similar; probably more to do with my luck, but couple of other people also shared the same problem 🙂 In the meantime, just like youngsters these days, my daughter decided to go off sweets for a while and hence there was no urgency what so ever.

But hearing me talk about it, a dear friend Manisha Lakhe decided to gift us a box, not realising that my daughter was no longer fascinated.



She picked them up and made a special trip to bring them over. Wife tried one, found them good. I tried two halves and liked them, but not being a sweet lover, did not understand the fascination about them. Mother finished the rest, one every day 🙂 and loved them.

Will I buy them for myself – Not really; but yes once my daughter decides to eat sweets again, it is a distinct possibility. Or better still, ask her to eat them at Palladium, given the fact that she now works there and save me the hassle. Though I am now given to understand that they have enough stock.

Written by AD
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