90 minutes service by Toyota.

A service I have seen, read but never having utilized because always having the driver deliver the car and the vehicle always needing more work than permissible in 90 min.

However this time around just 7000 Kms in 10 months and needed to get it serviced before taking a reasonable long trip called up the service center.

Quick connect, seamless service much better than my last experience. Tried to convince me of not needing service but then finally given a time and was told ‘Sir you can wait and collect car in 90 min’

Reported at 11.30 for an 11.40 am appointment, checked and after repeating the litany, was quoted an amount and car taken in.

Guided into the waiting room – equipped with TV, 3 internet ready computers, tea/coffee on demand and snacks also.

Spent a pleasant 90 minutes finishing work, reading, tweeting and received a text that the vehicle was ready.

Went out and the consultant was not around, took 10 minutes to come back. Upon return the invoice was not ready and I asked “whether the discount would be applicable according to their offer of 90 min or discount on Labour”.

He agreed and printed the invoice. There was a 20% off but not all Labour (T&C) applied so got some ₹250 off on 5000/- with a list of things that I need to replace next time.

The surprising thing is every time a new consultant reads it out and says Bearing, Clutch etc has to be changed worth ₹30,000 and when I ask if the car will run – yes sir but please do not go over 100kmph! As if that is possible in Bombay.

This time around it was confirmed that I can go to Ahmedabad with the same condition.

Overall the customer experience which had dipped in between has now been amended and I love the care they take. The additional up selling for business is their job after all.

Written by AD
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