I had been to Kolhapur over the weekend and after a long drive was taking a well deserved snooze when the phone rang with an unknown number flashing on the screen.

Against better sense picked up the phone, someone whom I had met during my coffee meetings and had provided ‘Advice’ free over a couple of sittings before stopping was on the line asking me to meet them and evaluate their final go to market product on Monday.

This after 3-4 months of silence except another co-founder sending a text asking for help.

I politely brushed him off, though he wanted to fix a time for December.

I have met 30++ startups/entrepreneurs seriously but less than 10% have even bothered to keep me informed, shared failure or successes; forget paying me.

But come a requirement for introduction, reference, name dropping and promptly will there be an email/call.

In this rant I read a nice comic which conveys my feelings and future answer so well.


Written by AD
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