I have been a loyal customer of Vodafone from at least the
last 7-8 years in spite of the service issues – some niggling, some
major. My payments are regular via ECS aka BillVisaPay. Their limit
given is ?25000/- or thereabouts. Like everybody else I receive
multiple sms of bill due etc and ignore them. A card changeover
last/this month led to ECS decline for MTNL, Reliance, Tata docomo
and Vodafone. Except for Vodafone, the other three service
providers bill has been added to the November bill, one has been
cleared and the other two will automatically clear. Vodafone policy
(confirmed by Trupti) is that as soon as the new bill is generated,
and the old pending bill is unpaid, the service will be barred.
Incidentally my bill gets generated on 18th of every month whilst
the service has been barred today, when the ECS recovery will be in
the next couple of days. Hence I tweeted today morning: <br
alt=”20131129-122400.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full”
/> Promptly there was a call from Trupti, after a
couple of wrong questions, disconnection she called again. And the
conversation went downhill: T: I am calling on behalf of Vodafone
about your tweet ‘zzzzzzzz…..’ This morning. Can you please
explain? Me: It is self explanatory, what more can I add. Upon
urging I explained the entire episode and said this is not the way
I would expect Vodafone to behave. Does it allow allowances for
loss of service? MTNL does etc. T: As per Vodafone policy, second
bill generation blah blah blah….. Me: True, but if I pay 1500/-
today then ECS will debut 3400 again which means I would be left
waiting for January to adjust. T: She explains what a credit &
debit is; which I interrupt and say, sorry but how does this
resolve and answer my Q. I am told that Vodafone is not MTNL and
does not follow their policy. Me: Fair enough. I am not debating
your policy, but you will charge the addl amount in the next bill
and the limit given is quite sufficient etc. T: Sorry to interrupt
you, but we are talking the same thing. What do you want Vodafone
to do? Me: That is Vodafone’s prerogative since it has already done
what it wanted to. T: Then why did you tweet? Me: That is public
domain and I have a right to be dissatisfied and communicate. T: If
you think so….. I disconnected. And yes Vodafone, I can tell you
what you could have done. But no, I will tell you what I’m going to
do: 1) I will wait for ECS to clear and phone services to resume.
2) I am paying what you demand so I will expect uninterrupted and
committed services. 3) I have been very patient with the constant
drop in service levels of connectivity and 3G. That shall stop. 4)
I have been patient with the stupid suggestions of ‘Replace SIM
card or try another phone’ that shall stop. And then let’s meet
each other’s expectation if “Happy to

Written by AD
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