A Sony LED TV bought 15-18 months ago with an extended warranty, just stopped working on 30th November 2013.

Dug out the ResQ book, called the numbers written the entire evening of 30th November & entire day of 1st December with either no answer or the IVR taking me 4 steps and disconnecting.

Wife managed to dig out some 1800 nos and complain, but was told that we are not the complaint center, but will inform them and gave a reference number..

On tuesday 3rd promptly enough a technician came, checked, photographed and went away. On the 5th a text from Sony was received informing that the complaint has been passed on to AarVee Electronics. Two days, multiple calls later nothing. Called up Reliance ResQ who said Sony will call. Finally Sony aka AarVee sent a technician, who surmised the same fault as the other technician ‘Panel will need to be replaced’ and said ResQ/Croma is not good for extended warranty, you should take from Sony direct!

Monday 9th Dec called ResQ who did not have any clue from Sony, the manager Firoz finally gave me his manager’s nos Manish Sawant, spoke to him and he promised to look into the matter. In the meantime, Sony called and said Please followup with ResQ because we have given all details, but they’re not giving approval. Tuesday 10th Dec Manish calls and says, I’ve told Firoz to arrange to do the needful and he will call you. Firoz calls on thursday evening, when I’m not around. Friday when I return the call, he is on weekly leave, Manish is busy with Bosses who have come on a visit and nobody in the office has any idea of the complaint nos.

Saturday 14th 11.00 am I call and get Firoz, who now has a different story – They will need to carry my TV to the workshop, check it with HO, then after approval change the panel, test it for a day or so and then send it back. I remind him about the comprehensive warranty, and that I do not want the panel repaired; also that Sony said, it would take them just 15-20 minutes to replace at home. “No sir, this is the ResQ Policy and we have to do it this way only” Why did it take 15 days? And why would it take another 7-8 days? No sir that is policy.

I don’t have an option, so will have to bear with this. Should I have taken the Sony TV from their store directly – Maybe, but there was no option of extended warranty communicated.

It is actually disgusting, that a Brand like Sony does not have system with the Retailers in place, that would make customers happy!

Written by AD
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