There has been this constant debate about availability of good Dahi Puri, mostly by Gaurav who has a very limited exposure to street food, by way of Swati. And hence it was decided to try out a couple of the street food ones with a limited 6 odd people which would include Gaurav CJ Anupam and yours truly. Whilst discussing the trail the great Mr. Gandhi also decided to grace us with his presence and the final member being Karan

Dahi Puri / Pani puri Trail
28th Nov Thursday Khar to Lokhandwala
Max ₹ 350 per head + conveyance This was not a paid, business earning professional trail

Assemble at 4.45-5 pm – 5 stops altogether were decided.

Whilst all 5 are good for all types of chaat items, it may not be possible to try Bhel, Sev Puri, Ragda Pattice in addition to the above two and hence recommend sticking to the same. Advisable to carry own water bottle though bisleri/aquafina is available.

Race ke din pe ghoda langda – began with Gaurav having an excuse, Dharmesh quietly going underground since he realised this was Dahi and not beer, CJ undecided till evening.

However, we decided that Anupam, Karan and me would do the round; luckily enough CJ joined the group. And we began

Assembled at 4.45-5 pm

First stop : Ram aur Shyam Khar Chilled Sindhi type Dahi Puri (Also has better Pani Puri than Elco, nice Ragda pattice & decent Bhel. There is a small shop for water/cold drinks next to it)
The Sev Puri was pretty good, followed by Pani puri and then Dahi Puri. Netra saw us and ran over to give a hug.

Second stop: Sharmaji Chaat Center, Sahakari bhandar.
North Indian Dahi puri. (Has nice Paani puri, superb Dahi Bhalla, Sev puri, Bhel puri and North Indian type Ragda pattice)
The Dahi Bhallas were nice, followed by Dahi Puri, Sev Puri and Pani Puri

Third stop: 6th Road NS Juhu, Near JamnaBai school.
Bombay type semi chilled Dahi puri. (decent Pani puri. Good sev puri and Bhel, sukha better)
The Dahi Puri, followed by Sev Puri and Pani Puri

Fourth stop: Chandrus son of Tharu. Sindhi Bombay type Dahi puri (Superb Dahi wada, good for parcel and can remain in fridge for 2 days. Amazing Ragda pattice with Pav and good chilled Pani puri better than Elco)
Did not visit because we were stuffed

Fifth stop: Puranmal
Dubai Sindhi Maaru type. (raj kachori chaat and Pani puri. Diet/healthy Bhel also)
The Dahi puri was nice, but the Khasta kachori proved to be a handful, whilst the pani puri was good

The Italics comments are generic but what I gathered was everyone could not have the theekha or even medium stuff, and the dahi had to be sweet and not sour, which is what is served at Swati, Soam and Tosa 🙂










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