Another week, another book by another well wisher (not the author) and lying on my side table to be read. Reading the back, seemed an okish kinda book, but the details about the author seemed interesting and made me pick up the book and start reading it.

A story that gets repeated thousands of times across the country, with a variety of reasons – economy being the most to blame, takes off pretty nicely and takes a grip of the hero taking a decision, that many at that age would be loath to, keeping moral at bay, however as the story unfolds, there are snippets of What moral? How does one apply? What revenge? Why would it continue? and many other questions that lead to expectations, but are never fulfilled, till the time he starts living his life, giving up his expectations.

The heroine has similar dreams, expectations which lay shattered till she decides to prove a point, grow a spine and accept life on its terms.

The characters woven are pretty real and seen in large cities – Delhi in this case. Destiny always plays a role, it is how you accept and play with eventually decides where you will eventually end up.

Overall, a good book, worth the read and quite fascinating to see two Indian authors books, both that I liked and are not about themselves.

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Written by AD
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