A surprise email from Aroon Raman author of The Shadow Throne a couple of weeks back, asking me if I would like to read his book. I think my need of reading and writing about Indian authors seem to have reached him 😉

I responded in the affirmative, with the usual T & C – will take time to read, give up half way if not interesting and will blog the truth must have had him laughing and so he decided to test me. Received the book last week.

The first thing that impressed me was that he had taken the time to sign the book, followed by easy to read fonts and layout. A weekend that I was laid down by flu, and kindle was charging, decided to flip thru.

The first 10-15 pages and it had me hooked; was the story new? Nope, It is similar to what one has been brought up growing as to how America always faces doom from its various enemies and how a common man with courage helps out the authorities to pulverise the enemies. In this context, think India, Pakistan, Nuclear and how some anti national Indians collude, but the patriotic bureaucrat leads the charge and wins.

The South Indian hero, with Hassan as the support role and a semi love interest of Pirzada the story has been woven and written tightly. You tend to nod your head when some relevant afghan points are made about bollywood and the typical way hero behaves.

A nice movie with Irfan, Nawazuddin, Huma and Boman as the characters can be made. But alas, I am neither a producer or director and hence can read it and like it enough, whilst waiting for the second book to be written.

This also raises a question – Do unknown Indian writers write better, but are not too good at Marketing?

Written by AD
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