#ADYFR2013 This was something taken from a Friday Follow and begun as a lark in 2010 when there were few people on Twitter, more like a closed group.

The Group grew, Twitter evolved, people changed, moved away and it was suddenly just like Life, you were out of the family cocoon, grown and had to make your own way.

There were cliques, groups of haters, you had to watch out for, Outrage every day and people started berating the medium.

I had stumbled on Twitter quite a while ago, used it as a learning point, developed skills, make friends and really had no expectations out of it. I had made friends with some, was friendly to most except one odd episode a year 🙂 Did not care who followed, unfollowed, refollowed or whatever the currently in vogue term was.

I have tried to keep my interaction with everyone the same – polite, sharing, careful, always hoping that my offline and online persona remains more or less same.

The questions began this month – Will you do your annual recommendation? When would it be? Who would it feature? You only follow few people so how will this work etc.

And so it began, with Terms & Conditions this time around, because that is what Twitter has all become about, unfortunately. Also 2012 – 2013 have been years of upheaval for me and I did not want to add to it.

A marathon session ensued, with nearly 350 people covered, before I ran out of steam and memory.

To all those who bothered to read and Thank – the pleasure was all mine and it felt good to be close on assumption.

To all those who read, RT as #humblebrag but did not communicate – You’re welcome. Have a good year.

To all those who #subtweet #slytweet about it – Nice that it appeared on your TL, but have the guts to respond.

To those couple of people who found it cryptic, come have coffee with me and we shall talk more.

To those who asked methodology, wanting to be included etc – Apologies, but there is none.

To those brands who asked how they could appear in the List – Behave, interact with people, become responsible.

To some of those who I missed out – sincere apologies, but Inshallah there is always another year.

AND if you want to read it all at one go here

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends