I have been doing a fair amount of Declutter for the past one year, withe last one in April 2013 which you can read here

Suffering from a short term memory loss, bit able to find many things, led me to dig around and whilst doing that found a couple of things that could be given away and hence tweeted on 24th December in the evening.

The things were:









The rules of #ADDeclutter2013

**Disclaimer** Some of the items may have been sparingly used.

**Rules** The rules are simple. Claim the product on Twitter with the hashtag #ADdeclutter Confirm to me. Get it collected, or collect it yourself. This can be from any place I’m travelling during the week or at coffee shop. This offer is for Bombay only. If you do not claim it the day you said, I reserve the discretion to give it away to somebody else. One person can claim only one.

All claimed in less than 30 minutes and there were a few disappointments also. But there is always another time.

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