Masala Library – a new place opened by the famous Jiggs and Jorawar Kalra in BKC and making waves for a long time. Their VP operations had been quite keen that I check out the place, but personal commitments kept it in abeyance.

Soon, December with my birthday arrived and I decided to try out at least 3 new places during the birthday week. Monday began disastrously at Renaissance Powai; but tuesday seemed destined to be quite good, in spite of not having a driver. Reached Masala Library quite on time and met Varun, had a little chat – they have just two sittings in the evening 8.30 pm and 10 pm – which actually was quite nice.

The layout is quite open and spacious – though the pass thru could have done with 12-15 inches more for people to walk thru, but then this is Bombay 😉 We were seated quite well, at the end back to the wall in the opposite direction from the kitchen and bar, probably on purpose, but then this gave quite a view of the entire restaurant and is normally considered VIP seating, if my little knowledge serves me right.

We began with a light refreshing drink, no alcohol since I was driving, and then the entire menu in some form was presented.

There was maska bun, yogurt spears papdi chat adn sev puri on the go – Amazingly presented, and just burst in your mouth giving a flavour, difficult to repeat, a sort of tradition with a twist; could have had multiple of these.

This was followed by wild mushroom chai – molecular twist and quite exciting to watch, wife and daughter did not love it but loved the watermelon chaat that followed.

Added to this were the last of starters – curry leaf & pepper prawns – amazingly succulent but I felt they had a bit of too much salt (probably evolved taste buds due to no drinks) Dahi kebab – just exquisite and melt in the mouth kind, as were the pesto kebab.

Taking a break, cleansing the palate with Misti Doi Sorbet – another unique molecular proposition that went exceedingly well.

After a couple of deep breaths, the main course began with Prawn Chettinad (salt persisted :() Tandoor chaap soya rada – quite nice, but the ladies hate soya and were not too excited about it. But the bhindi jaipuri and papad ki subji made up for it very well, it had a bit of rajasthani masala which was quite nice. The anar and mint raita made on the table with nitrogen was chilled and went extremely well with the food. The bread basket was quite nice.

We were unable to finish the entire lot, before being told that there was still sweets to be eaten. Daughter who is a hardcore sweet person, was off sweets, so we tried two of them – Jalebi caviar which won hands down from both of us, compared to Ghewar cheese cake, which did not work for me at all.

All in all a wonderful evening; and definitely worth a repeat in february. The service was perfect, with the server explaining everything.

Advice: Ask for the Tasting menu and allow the server to help, they are extremely knowledgeable.

Disclaimer: It was on invitation and hence unable to grade my usual.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends