I had last bought from somewhere in 2012 November, when saw a link posted about the deals on the site. Being wary about most offers, nevertheless decided to check it out.

Found some funny and laughable deals – Mt. Blanc at 80% off etc. However saw some nice stuff and decided to try it out, with the amount around 1000/-

Here is what I bought

Set of Magpie Travel Mugs – Nice finish, but does not keep tea hot, and leaks from the top cover whilst use.

Set of Kitchen Knives – Decent and worth the price.

Beat head phones – Duplicate, not even an attempt of quality.

Three in one plug – Duplicate, so much so that it does not even work with the usb.

11 use steel card – Looks a couple of decades old, the manual card actually was stuck to it.

Overall, a lousy product experience, though the delivery was prompt. Have asked for a refund on the Magpie product. Let’s see how it goes.

Will I order again – most probably not.

Written by AD
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