A couple of months ago, from had written requesting me to speak at their first ever summit and awards. In a cowboy mode, had agreed, till they announced via email/FB/Twitter and I got cold feet, looking at the number of varied speakers – practically the who is who was called.

Whilst I knew some of them , there were many more who I would be meeting for the first time ,

Reaching quite on time, found with his army to whisk me away inside, where that man from that movie from that pot hole area was getting ready to compere.

Quite a startoff and an hour and half we were just behind by 15 minutes – pretty good, given the fact this was a first attempt by Blogadda.

In our session and then went prepping up the crowd with their fantastic knowledge of Brands, Blogs and how both can help each other. A tough act to follow, but I did so, scared till the last; fortunately some people clapped and most respected my age and did not boo me of the stage.

Soon enough Lunch was announced where, was one unhappy camper, with only veg food, but was soon jollied out of it.

The afternoon session moved at a fast clip, and just when I had to leave, Shekhar Kapur took stage and there were some good moments.

There were some moments, but as a first time and the enthusiasm carried them along. Getting 175+ registered people to pay and attend was a pretty good show.

Overall, I think Blogadda team aced it, with quite a number of blunt speakers and the compere doing an excellent job.

I understand that they have plans to make this an annual event. More power to them.

Yes, For those who asked for my presentation, Blogadda #WIN14

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends