custom fountain pen

I come from a school of thought that believes, gentlemen and ladies send handwritten notes with a fountain pen.

This goes back to school, where cursive handwriting was forced upon by teachers and only fountain pens were allowed. I also studied in a school which as a policy demanded ‘Hero’ fountain pens only. As one grew, one has fond memories of a grand uncle gifting a Parker pen which was and still is a prized possession, although rarely used now.

An old Sheaffers with history, was begged from the parent, repaired with a lot of investment going into it and used for quite a while before being returned for reasons best kept a secret.

Rollerballs came with a convenience, as a Salesman that was of paramount importance, also the tendency of a client asking a pen to sign and not return also was a real threat πŸ™‚ But with seniority and promotions, the wife wanted to gift Mont Blanc – this was nearly two decades ago – searched for more than 6 months till I finally gave up and bought a limited edition, soon to be extinct pencil & roller ball maroon set. This was followed after a couple of years by a Black ball point and roller ball set. Every time I would travel which was like twice a month at least, would stop at the duty free, ask for the latest fountain pen, caress it like a forgotten lover, write a couple of sentences and walk away with regret because it was beyond my reach. It became so much so that the staff would recognise me from a distance and be ready with the pens πŸ™‚ medium/broad nib, because there can be no other.

A big move in 2005-6 and finally did it. Bought a Mont Blanc limited edition piano fountain pen. Used it for a long time till I kept it in a case a year and half back and just gave up on using quality pens. Thoughts, depressive and other wise, kept intruding and not wanting to write were the real culprits; though during this time my collection was featured in an fashion magazine too πŸ™‚

During this time, debated many a times about stationery, pens, nibs with Ruchi Doc Gaurav but never never went back to write with the pen.

An event, a debate, a sharp reprimand by my wife set me thinking and I cleaned the fountain pen, filled it with the desired color of ink – Mont Blanc of course and began using it.

Coincidentally Doc tweeted or RT something related to a fountain pen and we exchanged views.

Bam! Sanay tweeted out that he would like to gift a fountain pen to me. Normally very averse, my greed of a customised fountain pen swayed me. A couple of tweet exchanges and I met Sanay to collect my gift.

Sanay is a brilliant 17 year old who has cleared his A levels, secured admission and is all set to go abroad and study this September. However, passion struck him last October and he tried his hand at making pens – there is a lovely story there also.

We shared notes and he gifted me my custom fountain pen.

If you love fountain pens as I do, get one made from Sanay. If you don’t and have time, when he travels to Bangalore, Pune, meet him, chat about his passion and see how driven he is. Maybe he may convert you to loving fountain pens πŸ™‚

Written by AD
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