Loyalty, a word highly prized both by people, family, friends, relative, businesses for years.

Recently, a deluge of Loyalty – Food Cards has begun. In the past two years, I have been on the receiving end of having received free or bought or gifted some of these. Let me share my experiences!

J. W. Marriott I have been a member for past 3 years; extremely satisfied, maybe not with the card department, but with the service and overall approach. Have I made use of it? Definitely for dining options, the other useless vouchers – swimming never utilised, stay expired and they did not renew etc. Will I renew again this year? Seriously have my doubts, because I do not see a value addition being provided – after all how many times in three years can one eat at the same place? The card is not valid at any other property.

Courtyard Marriott A gift from a friend, lay in my wallet for more than 11 months, before being used exactly once. Reason being definitely the location as well as the validity of the card for the one location!

Accor Advantage Plus This is my second year, have brought it as a group of friend, will get a renewal done free because we share the freebie that happens for a group. Value proposition currently, because use it for Dining, Travel and it is applicable across the Accor range of hotels.

Last year, Good Food Magazine – one of the most worthless experience – sent a card along with the subscription. Tried using it at two places, who refused to honor it; wrote, spoke to Good Food Magazine, nothing because it was an outsourced activity and of no interest to them.

This was followed by Burrp card. The letter/brochure accompanying the card had some dozen names/logos, tried out three of them, all refused to honor. Others who were gifted the card had similar problems.

Most participating hotels do not bother to communicate, neither are they interested.

CoupCard launched with only xxx nos available and were picked up quickly; the next lot was referral by others etc. Yashesh has been using this for a while and recommended it. Then I received an email a couple of days back; given the fact that there are 3-4 locations which I do visit out of their 22, I decided to evaluate. 4200 inc ST for a year. If one were to visit all 22 and spend 1500 per visit you save around 5000 which pays for a card! Still trying to figure out, if this is really worth it.

What other Food Loyalty cards do you have? Are they worth it? Share your experiences.

Written by AD
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