The spate of celebratory eating out culminated in breakfast at Lotus Cafe – J W Marriott today morning.

This has been a favorite for a very long time, however this time we were visiting the hotel for breakfast after nearly 11/2 years, the last time being with my nephews, niece way back in August 2012.

There were many changes – Service if anything looked and appeared better – unless Himanshu has put all his chefs to keep an eye on me – circulating my photograph around.

We were unlucky not to get a table near the window, so settled midway. Took a saunter to check out the offerings new if any, the croissant made fresh were extremely enticing, picked up one and began munching, absolutely divine.

Began with checking at the waffles table, asked for a Salty French toast – a peculiarity of mine from childhood and something that I make very well, a story for some other time. Alas they had pre mixed stuff so could not accommodate.

Moved on to the fruits – plum, pineapple, grapes very nice as usual but watermelon was a bit off; the cheese platter had just three, picked up a piece but could see the crackers that I like so picked up a bagel with enthusiasm, that was soon misplaced. It seems the water could be the reason, because, I am yet to find a good one. This was ok after running it thru the toaster twice.

Whilst looking around, one of the chef popped up and said, if I wished they could make the salty french toast for me inside and serve it. I thanked him, with a promise to tell him the next time.

The killer for me today was the superb Bhaji – could give Shiv Sagar a run for its money, the kheema mutter was another killer, just the right consistency, spices and piping hot. The bhurji was a complete let down, the tomatoes and onions did not know whether they were coming or going and the eggs were too soft for bhurji. But the dampener on all of this was the “Pav” which were actually 5 star dinner rolls. For the love of God, Why can’t all 5 stars in India for once learn how to make Pav and roll it out and check the reactions of the guests. And yes, before somebody comes with a retort, I know what I am talking about, have worked on both sides, entertained enough foreigners who have fallen in love with Brun and Pav.

Also during the course of trying this out, one Vijay and another gentleman kept popping up, asking me if I wanted something special, etc. Yeah! I know, I am famous and all that, but this was distinctively fishy and had all hall mark of Himanshu I shared this with my family and they said, you must be on cctv and marked.

Along with this I tried my favorite Pohe – Yes, I will taste pohe anywhere, anytime. Extremely nice, with the peanuts providing the right crunchiness, but the ‘Masalchi’ seems to have changed, instead of the usual finely chopped onions I am used to eating, they were large pieces and some of them the upper one which taste awful.

The surprise and a nice touch was – some gujarati farsan – but the server needs to be trained to recognise which is what 😉 and chai tapri in cutting glass, which was nice, but needs to be a bit stronger & adrak flavourful.

Completing this round, did a quick round of Dosa – sada and masala, nice the right size, very good AND the sambhar is actually tasting like a Shetty sambhar not a sanitised 5 star one. Keep it up.

I had an urgent meeting at 11 and had to leave without tasting the Parantha, another round of kheema and polish everything with bread and marmalade and strong tea. So leaving the ladies rushed off.

Location: Juhu
Meal: Breakfast
Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Damages: Approx ₹2500/- for 3 people applying the Preferred Card.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends