The Pre birthday dinner was over, and the day of the birthday was supposed to be at Sofitel, however we were a bit tired of Indian/Punjabi and so opted for something closeby and kept vacillating between Indigo or Woodside Inn. Daughter opted for Woodeside inn and in spite of my misgivings of a year and half ago, off we went at 9 pm on Tuesday.

Immediate convenient parking and looked pretty empty, though the outside section seemed pretty full. Got a table and decided to try out the Gateway beers; the server was kind enough to say that they would give me a taste of both the available ones and I could then decide. Liked both but decided to go with Indian Pale which has a bitter bite at the end. Asked him, if it would be “chilled” – I am not a beer, beer person except in hot afternoons with friends or during a vacation; and irrespective of the time and place it has to be chilled. I also know that Woodside is one of those places that chill beer glasses too. Got it and the first sip and it was ‘Jeez, is this what they call as chilled? It was barely cold’

Got down to ordering some starters, unfortunately they are very limited & restrictive about veg offerings, but got something. Having checked in via 4Square, Aneesh walked in to say hi and a quick chat about the beers, and explained about how KF does artificial refrigeration vs Gateway does original and actual etc. (Greek and Latin to me)

Both times held back the urge to provide feedback 😉 fearing the ladies backlash.

Pizza vs Burger and there was a bit of tussle, because my wife insisted that they had a veg patty burger and I told her, they never had and given that we have always visited in a group (except the one time when we had a problem) she must have got the veg part, whilst others got the beans.

They split the burger, I had a bite, but somewhere the crumbly bun did not work for me. And this has been my consistent experience about burger bread, whilst the garlic bread is always superb.

A decent evening, with nice attentive service, but unlikely to be repeated as a family because of the vegetarian requirement. Though probably, I would try it out again for the beers, if in a large group and i get them chilled.

Location: Oshiwara
Meal: Dinner
Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Damages: Approx ₹2000/- for 3 people inc one beer

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends