We have always been an LG and Samsung loyalist, more from a perspective of stellar after sales service; though they seem to drop the ball more often these days.

We purchased 1.5 ton Split AC in December 2012 and faced a bit of problem with installation, but went with what the experts recommended. Worked well, however in 6-8 months, the AC stopped cooling. After a complaint, service engineers came and we were informed that gas charging has to be done, because it leaked due to a hole in copper pipe. There were weird answers to the basic questions:

1) How did the hole appear in the copper pipe? – Woh Hota hai
2) Will it be repaired or replaced? – Repair kar dete hai
3) How long will it last? – Chalega
4) And the master piece, Warranty mein hai na sir

When they came back for installation, I enquired about the copper pipe hole, was assured that it would be fine. Reminded them about service to be completed before warranty ends and details requested for extended warranty.

Nothing happened. January and February were a family crisis month. Overlooked reminders, taking extended warranty, March we realized that the AC was not cooling at 25 degrees, tried it at 23-24 and then placed a complaint.

Two days later the person arrived, asked about warranty, told him that it needs to be taken, but he needed a form which he did not have, so asked him to check the AC and then organise the form. The AC was checked and Bam – Gas charging karna padega, there is a hole in the copper pipe.

Asked him, how does this happen periodically in less than 6 months, whilst earlier it did not happen and all other questions, to which his answer was this happens and without warranty would cost you Rs 3000/- plus Rs 450/- visit charges if out of warranty. I asked him to get the warranty done and repair, to which he said that cannot be done.


1) What would LG service do if I had taken warranty earlier then asked the engineer to come the next day?
2) The engineer did not carry the form, which led to a situation
3) The same questions above about the copper pipe etc.

Connected with LG on twitter, and they’ve responded today by a phone call, listened to the entire story and promised to return the call.

Final update The LG team responded with the right attitude, got the problem checked, rectified completely and informed me that ‘This problem was theirs and no charges, you can renew the AMC next month’ well done. And this is what keeps me loyal

Written by AD
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