Sholaa jo bhadke….. A name that conjured up this song, when shared with a friend that he had launched a QSR, complaining that I have not visited the place in spite of repeated requests.

A pending mall visit, clubbing that together on a Saturday afternoon, braved the drive (without a driver) and reached Neptune Mall in Bhandup. A visit, that I must have made after nearly 3 years, the mall was pretty full, with actual shoppers carrying bags around and of course millennials romancing or waiting for a movie.

Having parked the car in the opposite direction, there were some vague signs about where the ‘Food Court’ was. Managed to locate it and saw ‘Sholaa’ from a distance – a clean preface and looked quite inviting. Reached and realised that the friend would still be reaching in 30-45 minutes, because we had managed to reach early thanks to there being no traffic that afternoon. Without identifying ourselves, decided to try out a couple of items on the menu. Ordered the chicken grilled barbeque and chicken wings. The grilled barbeque was just right – tender, juicy with enough masala seeping in to make it tasty. The chicken wings did not really work for me, neither did it for my colleague.

Then tried out the grilled fish with pepper – the find of the lot, lovely, perfectly grilled and worth a repeat. All of this is accompanied by corn (excellent idea and asked for repeat); a couple of slices of potato/beet/cucumber (tastes nice) and chutney (which was okayish)

There was a thought of trying out the paneer, but felt it would be a waste of time & the friend also walked up, recommending the whole wheat burger, which really worked except that my colleague did not like the chutney spread.

Their offer of an add on of paratha/rice and dal for another 50-60 bucks makes it a perfect mini meal for less than 250/-

The entire experience has been mapped as similar to Nandos and you have an option of 3 types of spicyness. We tried the medium, which was pretty good; but the next time around would want to try the most spicy – of course with a bottle of water by the side.

Location: Neptune Mall Bhandup
Meal: Lunch
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Damages: This was by Invite from a friend to try the food.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends