I have been a member since it has opened and have enjoyed the place and I always maintain that J W Marriott and Sofitel are my new favorites given the fact that they are closer, convenient and have probably the best consistent service.

The most common meal at both places has always been breakfast, with Marriott winning a bit because of the known people there, daughter being pampered more (bribed with cake and always recognised); but I have had many meetings at Sofitel in the recent past, love the oasis kind of feeling in middle of BKC.

Yesterday was just another meeting and would not have made it to my blog, except for a small incident.

Walking into the hotel, the usual assorted greetings ensued, with the token Sardar eyeing the kada and wished ‘Sat Sri Akal Pra’ Quite a refreshing change, brought a smile to my face and made a note to reward him when leaving.

Passing the lobby towards the Artisan – a lovely place with very good and comfortable chairs, which are a primary requirement in my old age now – saw a dapper gentleman walking towards me, shared a smile and he introduced himself with the statement ‘I am Biswajit, General Manager of the hotel and you sir look like a happy man who loves life’ Boom that made my day, we chatted a bit, exchanged contacts and went our way.

Ordering my favourite watermelon juice, got started with work. 10-15 minutes in the meeting, Biswajit walked apologising for the interruption and shared that Artisan had revamped part of the menu and had a new chef, who was trying out a range of chocolates and gifted both of us a small box of assorted chocolates.

The gentleman I was with tried out a couple of them on the spot and found them extremely delicious. Not being too much of a sweet lover, carried them home, where the daughter pounced on them and pronounced “Awesomest ever” Guess a visit to Sofitel is on the cards over the weekend. Damn this Biswajit 🙂

Written by AD
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