It was yesterday that finishing work quickly and dinner far away, I was feeling a mite peckish and decided to visit my Bhelwallah (given that I had not been there for more than a month & 5 pm being just the right time to get fresh stuff)

Directed my Saarthi there, saw a big crowd as usual, asked him to park and told him to come and have a Sev Puri. Now this is nothing new for our family.

Tried out the Paani, found it acceptable and had a plate of paani puri. Finishing, looked around and saw that the car was parked and he was standing besides it. Ordered a Bhel for me and a Sev Puri for him. By this time the crowd had thinned out, so much so that both were ready at the same time. Called Pal to come over (he normally comes over, collects it and sometimes goes next to the car to eat or sometimes if parking is available eats it near the cart).

Whilst he collected it and I was asking him, if he wanted to try something else afterwards, a lady besides us mutters, People allow their drivers/servants to eat together. For a while I was completely stunned; in the meantime Pal who did not understand, had walked away a little further and was eating.

I asked her politely, how does that matter? If an auto guy comes and pays with his money, how would you know or tell him off. Another girl accompanying her, said ‘See this is Juhu Scheme and that is why we eat at this place’

Boom, This royally pissed me off, One of those days where I was hungry and not angry so politely asked ‘How can you make a comment like that? Do you stay in Juhu Scheme (affirmative with location); Lady I have been staying here since 1970s (a little liberty taken here) with the location and I’ve never had a problem earlier. These bhaiyyas were not even born then.

A young man who had been ordering and was with them, asked them to go to the car and apologised. I could still hear them muttering amongst themselves and telling the lad, I would have told him off etc.

Finished paying, couldn’t resist myself, so walked two steps and asked them if they would like to “Take a Selfie with me and my driver” and walked away, I could hear some college kids who had watched and overheard all of this, snickering.

Should I have said that, probably not, but then I have never pretended to be a saint.

What is really shocking, but then it should not be given, the examples of Nanny, maid, servants standing and attending kids, whilst parents enjoy, Lifts being segregated and Religion still needing to be filled up in all forms.

Written by AD
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