PaperBoat Drinks a recently launched drink by a group of youngsters that seems to have caught the fancy.

I had tried it out earlier thru LocalBanya mostly the Jaljeera and Mango.

Suddenly last month, I received a mail from them, requesting if I could try out the other flavours and give them some feedback, with a clear and upfront message that there was no pressure to say good or bad on the email or any other platform. Soon enough a parcel arrived with a sample each of Jaljeera, Aamras, Kokum, Jamun Kala Khatta and Aampanna.

Put it to chill and had forgotten about it for a week, when over the weekend decided to try it out. A sip each for all four of us in the family.

Personally I found Aamras quite good, better than the maaza thing being sold and Jaljeera could also be said to be good.

The ladies liked Aamras, Jaljeera and bit of Kokum but did not like Jamun Kala Khatta and Aampanna at all, given that they were too sweet.

The Aamras has replaced Maaza/Slice for my mother and once in a way for my daughter. The Jaljeera could find a place for me, but I am too used to the jal jeera masala that is sent from Gujarat and chilled soda with Lime, whilst this has a bit of sugar.

Will the other work? In all probability yes, given the convenience and price. The Fitness lovers have already thrashed the sugar content on Twitter but then there are more sugar lovers than sugar haters.

The accessibility needs to be worked upon, given the fact that Aamras is not available during the season 🙂

Written by AD
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