A Pizza place that had opened to rave reviews on social media and a must visit place a year ago in South Mumbai – an area that is extremely difficult for me to reach and that too just for Pizza, not happening.

Either they listened to a lot of people or decided to take pity on me; actually sensed a great business opportunity and opened very close to my house. But still no go, wife is not a Pizza Lover and daughter for some reason had been off cheese for a while.

Finally, on the 1st of May I insisted and got them to agree and we decided to visit it in the evening. Called up and booked a table for 9pm.

Reaching there, a quick confab and handed over the car to the valet and walked in. The reservation worked, they were pretty full with a few tables empty. We were seated quickly and looked at the menu.

Pretty large, noisy area with mostly family outings or youngsters out to celebrate an occasion. You could see the Pizzas made and it made a pretty site.

Ordered a Ice Tea and New Lemonade. Both were okayish, nothing new or good about it.

As starters ordered their famous New dough balls doppio – reasonably ok, but surprisingly a couple of them on the plate were cold whilst the rest were hot. The dips and garlic bread were excellent and worked well with it and made it good. Garlic Bread with cheese – pretty different and good, hot and just about right, worth a repeat definitely.

For the mains we decided to try a pizza first before thinking of a pasta or another pizza; so ordered the famous Romana Pizza Melanezane Piccante (Marinated spicy aubergines, mozaralla, jalapenos, rocket and emilgrana. It took the normal 20 minutes and was delivered regally. My first impression was Jeez where did this tree come from, given the fact that it was covered by just rocket leaves – Yes I am not a fan of leaves on my pizza; wife came to the rescue and took most of them, I took a slice and therein my second shock – a thick fat slice of aubergine lay on the thin pizza slice. I have had spicy aubergine with just cheese at other places and can tolerate them, but the thickness put me off completely. As is my wont, I wanted to ask the server, but was dissuaded. The pizza was just ok, the thinness pretty nice like a biscuit, smattering of mozarella covered with aubergine and rocket. Definitely did not work for me or to paraphrase my tweet “Baigan & Paratha = Aubergine Pizza”

Still hungry, ordered another Romano Pizza – Pomodoro Pesto – marinated cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto, baby mozzarella & garlic oil – This was far superior in taste, however the cherry tomatoes were far in between and the slice did not pass the 45 degree test, on the contrary a couple of them had to be rolled and eaten – so not happening.

I did not understand why would the chilli olive oil and other oil not be offered or kept on the table, but brought only when the pizza said so?

Gave up on the pizza, the daughter wanted to try her Nutella stuff with coffee – New Dolcetti – doughballs with nutella and coffee and pronounced it excellent, I take her word for it.

As a family highly unlikely to be repeated, maybe would try the non vegetarian pizza if friends willing to risk.

Location: Veera Desai Road
Meal: Dinner
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Damages: Approx ₹2700/- for 3 people without drinks

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends