Meeting people has been a passion for years, probably as a Salesman when you had to meet 8-12 new prospects everyday. Over the years it has become a kind of habit, interviews, office, partners, business over food (another passion) drinks, coffee at home, restaurants, clubs…you name them.

Sometime in 2012-2013 I met a lot of entrepreneurs at coffee shops and learnt from them and bought them coffee. A few kept in touch, shared their journey, sought advice; whilst most just disappeared, but that is Life.

I also invited, got invited to tasting menu accepting very few because of the demands of time and travel; also the terms of attending did not meet my thoughts. I met new people, renewed acquaintances with old who had not met for quite a while.

For the last couple of months, have been working with a client who is pretty well known in lower parel on changing/expanding/adding to create a newer experience. Whilst the changes have been taking place and have been pretty well received, we have been reasonably happy with the kind of feedback received.

It is towards this that I had struck a bet with the CEO about certain milestones where as an incentive he had agreed that I could call friends/acquaintances over to try out the new experience — food and beverage (which has been changed substantially) new cocktail and of course take a look at the available activities also.

I won and now have a dedicated pre selected day — one evening a month, when I can get people to try the place out with me, over the next 3-4 months.

So like the earlier years, the offer is simple — #milna hai is ‘My bucket list of people I want to meet/drink/connect with this year’

But, as somebody pointed out that this would lead to too many people (there was a list of 115 in 2012 out of which I’ve managed to meet 55+ in two years) So, what do I plan to do? First ask who would like to meet me in Parel, have a drink, try out some changes. You can be an wantrepreneur, entrepreneur, corporate honcho, housewife, consultant, lawyer, accountant — does not matter. Then I am also going to run a “Contest Khelo”. Rules will be simple. I will declare contest headings of the week — Month 1 — Wantrepreneurs/Entrepreneurs Month 2 — Food and Drink lovers Month 3 — Ladies and the first 25 people to respond have a free invite. NO OTHER TERMS OR CONDITIONS.

I will seek the help of the client & agency with dates and getting the names. For those who are still wondering the place is Smaaash

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends