Chhundo a typical gujarati style used to be made once a year and stored in big glass jars for consumption during the year with – everything Khakhara, thepla, khaman, bhakari, you name it. Though now it has become a bit more commercial and convenient – mangoes available six months a year, infrequent rains, weather and nuclear families.

At home, it is still made the old way and like all nice gujju families also exported to the US of A. Some friends on Twitter had asked for the recipe and Nandita reminded me a couple of days ago, so here goes….


1 kg Raw Mangoes (Rajapuri)
1 kg Sugar (crystal)
2 table spoon of Red chilli powder
2 table spoon of Salt
1 table spoon roasted jeera powder
A pinch of Hing


Peel and grate the raw mangoes
Take a broad vessel (preferable tamba or stainless steel)
Put grated mangoes in it, add sugar and salt. Stir properly so it mixes well.
Cover the vessel with a clean muslin cloth and bind it down with a string
Keep the vessel on the terrace in direct sunlight, for 3-4 days till the sugar syrup becomes thick.
Remember to stir it every morning so that the direct sunlight does not burn the mangoes and syrup.
On the 4th or the 5th day bring the vessel back, stir well, mix the red chilli powder & hing.
Again mix well and leave it for a couple of hours.
Fill it in glass containers, remembering to ensure there is enough syrup to cover the grated mangoes.
Store in a cool place, try it with whatever combination you want (even sandwiches)

This chhunda will remain good for at least a year.

Disclaimer: All measurements have been provided, checked and reverified by my wife and mother

Written by AD
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