Chatting over coffee with CJ, Ranjit and Anupam the discussion turned towards food as usual and a spur of the moment plan to eat in Sion and Chembur happened with CJ the leader.

Anupam dropped out due to child duties, so Jain was called and he reached earlier than we did, given the excitement of his love to try out vegetarian food. When we reached our man SnoBo was sweating away to glory just outside the Sion gurudwara, reason being “Unaware of protocol of visiting a gurudwara and not carrying a handkerchief”

A quick look for Manjit Chole Bhature, who apparently comes only in the morning before our guide herded us in to the Gurudwara. A peaceful brief communication and we hit the road to try out Kulche Parathe and chole at Chawla. First order was Kulcha and no it is not the same as paratha – huge with a dollop of butter with little chole and some onions was kept on the table. Kulcha had a smattering of ajwain sprinkled on the top which when mixed with butter tasted just superb. There were green chutney, raw green chillies and pickles already on the table. Whilst the others waited for the kulcha to cool, I could not, tried the first hot bite with chole – superb masala with the chole a bit bland and watery as it normally should be; followed by the second bite with the pickle, onions and the question arose, Why do I not eat this regularly, #WifePalm moment when one could hear her saying “Look at your damn size already”.

By now others had started digging in and we ordered a Chole Bhature which came in double time – piping hot and a newspaper below to soak the oil. This too was demolished in double quick time. Ranjit packed kulchas for home and we were off to try the original Mini Punjab – unfortunately closed as were some of the others, who normally open in the evenings. Jain gulped two chhas and I settled for a small pepsi. (Total Rs 200/-)

Undaunted, we decided to try Guru Krupa (A1 Samosa) and Jhama. After taking a couple of wrong turns reached Guru Krupa and opted for sitting in the AC. Ordered the entire menu Samosa Chole – excellent with the chole actually different tasting due to the Sindhi preparation, Pattice chole which has to be had with pav and the mixed chutney, dahi bhalla – quite good but the dahi a bit sour which is as it should be but not cold enough for me. Ordered a plate of sev puri, forgot to photograph it and so ordered another 😉 but the difference in puri was visible – it is handmade outside and was thick and crunchy. A couple of more plates of samosa was polished off along with Lemonade and topped with Gulab Jamun – I did not like it – small, with no nutmeg or badam inside and not even luke warm. (Total of Rs 500/-)

On the way showed Gaurav the upper class Hanuman restaurant – a childhood favorite – before dropping him to a cab. Burrping and semi snoring, promising to go and try the non veg stuff in the evening, dropped off the others and reached home.

Disclaimer The trip was non commercial and just amongst friends. CJ does not operate it as a profession

Written by AD
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