Dominos a pizza chain, that is quite famous all around and quite a favourite at home too. I have had consistently decent experiences, barring the one off that does not account for topping or a forgotten coke or something.

A fortnight ago, the wife decided that she wanted to have a Dominos pizza, given that we have not been ordering in for quite a while. Quickly checked and realised that the weekend inertia had ensured that I had not stepped out to withdraw cash. So came up with a bright idea of ordering online and paying for it.

Sign in was pretty fine, order selected and placed – the drop down of addresses kept missing Lokhandwala Andheri & hence the next closest being Veera Desai was plugged in. Order went thru, and the debit text also was received. Given that this was for my wife and not to get penalized later, called up the number on the receipt. And the nightmare commenced.

Call 1

Hello Dominos, my order number is 1616 and I wanted to confirm.
Sorry Sir, can you give your phone number, Does it not reflect, Yes it does but please give it to me again.
Given; Thank you sir, Please confirm your address, confirmed. Ok sir, your order shall reach your building gate by 9.50 pm which is 30 minutes.

Call 2

Hello, Mr. Desai, This is Nishith calling from Dominos; We played Ringa Ringa Roses, all fell down and disconnected.

Call 3 at 10.10 pm

Hello Dominos, my order nos is 1616, telephone number is 99999 99999 and address is…..; Yes Sir, your order has left long back, A bit of back and forth before I said it is nearly 45-50 minutes, can I speak to your manager, after another couple of minutes of dilly dallying, a person came on the phone and said This is Nishith the manager can I help you, reminded him about our conversation and that the order had still not been delivered; so was it going to be free? His answers in sequence
Sir, We cannot authorize free pizza.
Sir, You can talk to the delivery boy, if he agrees then the pizza free can be done.
AND finally, BUT, Sir, you’re out of the delivery area so you cannot claim free.

DUH! Why did you talk to me for so long and did not tell me previously. Sir, for online customers they have to check themselves.
If I had not called to check? We also verify but if not then money will be refunded.

In the meantime the bell rang, and the delivery had arrived – piping hot – which led me to ask the boy, who said he left 10 minutes back and that was because of order mixup and shortage of staff.

I was too exhausted to call Nishith back or even debate the online saga with my wife. Quietly went to sleep.

However, told her very clearly #AGLIIBAAR #NODOMINOS

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends