I have earlier written about Loyalty – Food Cards when, there was an occasion to visit Bru World Cafe, and since was free for an hour or so, checked in to 4Sq and promptly Shiladitya the founder of Pointshelf commented asking me to try out the service.

Asked the Bru fellas, and was told about some 5 points collected would translate into 1 cappuccino. Argh! Not worth the time and effort, besides I never ever drink a cappuccino. My colleague Yashesh went for it, downloaded the app and used it.

A couple of visits and the same push, finally gave in and downloaded on my spare Android phone. And therein began my travails. The tag just cannot seem to scan. Over the past 3 weeks, I have managed to collect 27+ tags. Pointshelf and Shiladitya tried to resolve, but did not work. Finally in disgust handed them over to Yashesh to make use of.

I also deleted the app.

Now, this brings me to the basic premise of loyalty:

1) Too many terms and conditions
2) Locked in feeling due to app
3) Loyalty should not be brand driven, when the app is an aggregator.
4) The communication or push should be towards the right TG, on an ongoing basis.
5) Most important it should alleviate the customer’s pain and not add to it.

When this is translated to Pointshelf:

1) Why only cappuccino? Why can’t I claim any coffee in the same price band?
2) The App gives me a locked in feeling – why can’t it be across channels? And the update happens by default
3) The App should drive customers, not the brand which is not so in this case
4) Most of the signed up locales are more youngster driven and does nothing for me.
5) *Sigh* DL is a problem, scanning even more so; encashing is brand driven, not open, limited engagement and somehow the UI/UX did not work for me.

I am sure they are working on it, and there may be many customers who are happy with the App and it may be just me at fault 🙁

Written by AD
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