A Sunday, where the only plan was to laze around, before I was dragged on driver duty to Bandra. Having completed the work, decided to have lunch outside, but given my tracks and tee; besides the daughter not being there, was vetoed and we decided to visit Hanuman restaurant in Sion; before enlightenment struck and I suggested TiffinBox.

Called them up to confirm that they were open, found them with a bit of confusion between center and chamber. They do have valet service, however the gate of the complex is never opened and you have to get down and walk inside – wonder how during the rains they would manage.

There was just one table occupied which made me very happy but the wife was a little worried, more so after looking at the buffet choices. The greeter and server Harshvardhan immediately offered to get some chaat and other stuff which was normally available after 4 pm which ensured that there was peace.

I started off with Salad, Starters preferring to give Soup a miss as is my wont. The aloo mutter chaat was nice, just the right amount of crust and had a taste of mutter; Aloo tikki was good as was the Aloo chana chaat and I went in for seconds. There were also Paneer and Chicken Tikka – tried a piece of both, paneer was just ok and the chicken was decent.

The wife tried Aam Panna which was pretty good though the color green was a little different, never having seen that earlier.

For the Mains in the veg spread – Paneer Kadhai, Aloo Tendli, Mixed Vegetables and Dal Tadka – did not try any of that; in the non veg spread – two types of chicken – different masala and gravies – one of the rare instances in a buffet, and both were pretty good.

The breads – naan and roti were hot and brought to the table whilst the rest of the accompaniments – two kinds of pickle, salad, raitas papads were good enough. And there was plain rice and curd rice.

During this period, the wife got served with Sev Puri – excellent as good as a couple of my favourite places, Pani Puri – served as a spread worthy of a king and was excellent; followed by Dahi Puri which was also pretty nice. I was allowed to just taste a bit, that left me wanting for more.

Dessert in the buffet was Mini Gulab Jamuns and Rose petal ice cream both outstanding. Loath to leave, asked for the bill and things went downhill. Their Executive Chef/Operations Head recognised me and insisted that I try their other ice cream and refused to accept my money.

To compound it, Krishna the Corporate Executive Chef introduced the Head Chef Azad and the Restaurant Manager Vaibhav. Chatting with them, I decided to share my feedback of different things in the menu:

1) One of the rare places, where the accompaniments were pretty solid – two different kinds of achaar, two different kinds of chutneys, two raita, papad – pretty fresh.
2) The chaat in the buffet was pretty fresh; replenished every 15-20 minutes or so
3) The Chicken was very good, in fact the gravies and masala tasted different, normally not the case at buffet.

Then the questions that were pinching me

1) Why would the Veg offering be mostly aloo?
2) Who on earth mixes Aloo and Tendli?
3) Why would the Non Veg offering have just chicken? No fish, yeah even Basa (Not that I would touch that)

We shared quite a lively discussion and debate, but that is for a less public forum and to be fair, the aloo offering convinced me 🙂 whilst the Tendli discussion, they were convinced.

I have promised to visit them, specifically for the Gatte ki subzi, other chaat items and their best a la carte dishes. BUT without warning them 😉

A special mention of Harshvardhan, who had no clue but provided outstanding service, with a smiling face.

They have a lovely Aam Ras Puri offer for Rs. 150/- and the chaat are priced between 70-100.

Location: BKC
Meal: Lunch
Damages: Not Applicable (But Buffet is approx 400 per person)
Service: 8/10 (specially only for Harshvardhan)

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends