Finally after a delay of a decade, the Mumbai Metro was launched that is supposed to connect Versova (actually just the beginning of Versova) to Ghatkopar. All details have been well chronociled and this is no attempt to justify anything but a personal attempt to answer @Raheelk @b50 and others who asked ‘How many people would travel from Versova to Ghatkopar?’

To me that is a complete irrelevant question, maybe poke fun? or they have more information so to speak.

So, lets understand the usage — As a resident of Lokhandwala who commutes to Churchgate/Lower Parel by Local Train — Morning buses are a perpetual problem, rickshaws more so and definitely expensive. If I were to take a rickshaw to Andheri Station it would be 30-40/- given the traffic at times one way. Besides, obviously the time.

There are more buses going via Four Bungalows, D N nagar where the Metro Stations are, So hop on for 10/- and another 10/- to Andheri Station and I save at least 30 minutes. In time, the Auto wallas would get into share a rik for 10/- (No reashon why the Union should not insist on this) and life is set, particularly during monsoons.

Just like every transportation or retail or logistics or whatever, the 80:20 pareto will apply, where most of the travel/money is made from quick sectors and not travelling the entire Versova — Ghatkopar route.

On the contrary, I would say the North South usage on the East-West track would be much better, given the expansion of Andheri on west and east sides, but travelling North/South.

So, lets wait for the first couple of years (also remember this is not a valuation game but capital game and will take a decade to return) before writing it off.

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