A question that has raised quite some heckles when I said and maintained a while ago, that, If a man asks, takes a lady out he pays. To me when I use the word lady, it does not matter — friend, a love interest, colleague, what have you.

Some well known Twitterati like Girish Mehul and Chinmay along with some others believe to the contrary and said ‘The Bill has to be split between the girl and the boy or in their case now men and lady’.

It is a personal choice, that may lead to embarrassment at times, but may be how the youngsters sub 30 behave and believe these days; forget the fact than neither of them fall into that category ☺

So it has become quite a fun aspect for them to troll me whenever somebody tweets their POV or similar thought, sometimes even without reading/understanding them.

Yesterday evening Aditi tweeted “ Ladies, saying ‘Oh but he asked me out so he should pay’ is rubbish. You agreed to go na? You ate na? Then Pay.” Her tweet, thought, belief, or in reference to some friend’s comment? Did the Man ask for money? Multiple factors. And of course her perogative to pay.

This led to the same questions of ‘We are right’ being raised, read about it here.

I may be old fashioned, have different principles, but do not see anything wrong in paying for the meal/evening when I have invited a lady out and most of them have accepted graciously. Many of them have reciprocated over time and I have felt pampered.

However, groups, acquaintance, colleagues deciding on a working lunch or catching a drink is strictly dutch.

To sum it up, I think it is just gentlemanly, gracious to do so; and these links seem to agree to that, words and phrases may differ.

In the end, it is My Money, My prerogative so I can do whatever I wish, just like everybody else.

Disclaimer: My wife pays mostly when she takes me out on a date once or twice a month and I love it. However, still do not allow my daughter to pay for me (Have told her, when she earns enough for my expensive tastes ☺Inshallah, soon)

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends