I have always loved to write, could only remember lessons, if I wrote them down. Constantly make lists, scribble — sometimes relevant stuff (book, blog), sometimes irrelevant (maybe post its and then Twitter?). This can be work, vellapanti, what have you.

Writing has long been my memory tool and I feel at peace just scribbling thoughts, musings, notes, things to do on of course different kinds of stationery with different pens 😉 but as time passed, the content has grown, places have changed.

From writing at home, railway stations, trains, airports, hotel rooms, bars, malls, coffee shops etc it has just been a long journey.

Different places and times have led to different writing. Most of them have remained consistent, places having changed or disappeared.

After a long day of outing on a Sunday evening, daughter busy with her own work today or exhausted and fast asleep, wife reading or watching a spot of TV is the time — just a couple of hours before tiredness hits me — knock off emails, make a to do list for self, direct reportees (remember most of them worried about the early morning Yellow lists/Post it — Yes, I used to do that and still like to do so once in a while today also)

Random observations, Plans that need some noise or help and then blogging is always at Airports (alas have yet to see one in the past couple of years, whereas once lived in them), Railway stations/Trains (again a pleasure that is no longer available) Malls, coffee shops now, given the Sales man I have been throughout my life.

Musings, plan for the future has always been done from a hotel room with a lovely view, early morning or late night — sometimes they merge into one. As also lovely bars — India, Singapore, HongKong, Indonesia, Dubai or Pubs in England, Malaysia, Bangkok etc where you nurse a drink for hours undisturbed. (And No, I do not share the names, besides some of them have already shut down or replaced by Hipstah types)

The last couple of years, had quite liked the Cafe culture taking over India — began with Barista aka Lavazza; Costa; Di Bella and Bru — different places, where I became a regular, meeting people for ease of convenience and relevance, staff recognising me helped, till one fine day a couple of months ago I realised that Noise, Shetty kind of atmosphere had prevailed and taken over when I was not watching. Business, sure but that left me a bit sad.

In fact, I commented on this and somebody on Twitter said ‘What do you expect? They are Cafes.’ which brought a sad nostalgic smile to my face, because 1) Don’t think the person who commented has visited many places globally 2) The Indian market has yet to mature enough for Cafes from the currently office atmosphere

Will this stop me from writing — Nope. Kyun ki ‘Book abhi baaki hai’ Just that it has just become harder and maybe expensive, given the couple of new places I’ve found ☺

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends