In the last couple of weeks, I have had constant bad experiences with multiple brands – Service, Consumer, Food, Electronics.

Surprisingly, a couple of them have managed to do a service recovery – call immediately. But, that in fact has left me angry.

Brand 1 – After 5 problems, complaints via APP, Twitter, email, blog, variety of apologies. Just when I had calmed down, a phone call comes, the person introduces himself and asks ‘Sir, I called about the complaint you had, can you please share details. I said, please check my responses, read them and then speak to me. Ah Sir, that I’ve done, it was the driver’s fault and I would like to apologise and check with you. My response was, If you knew all this then what is the solution that it shall not happen next time. Sir, I shall sure escalate the matter and ensure it does not happen with anybody else. CLICK, I disconnected.

Brand 2 – Ordered apparel, 7 working day committed, had not happened last time also. Counted 6 working days and emailed asking if it was going to be delivered. Promptly answered, yes, it is just being handed over to the courier and you will receive it tomorrow. Checked today at 4.30 pm for courier details. Prompt answer, We checked with the courier, he has not delivered and will deliver tomorrow at 4.30pm. I replied with a strong line. And somebody called, Sorry, sir the courier is at fault, but it will be delivered tomorrow. My question ‘Did you check my communication? There was a specific reason for me to ask for the delivery etc’ had the same response, but it will be delivered tomorrow.

Both brands blamed somebody else – Driver/Courier – as a customer how the hell does it matter to me? The experience has been ruined.

Brands also need to be loyal and committed to consumers.

Will it affect them? Definitely not, because India has a billion suckers!

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends