I began my career in a hotel, worked the kitchen a bit, so on and forth, best chronicled elsewhere. One of the relevant lessons that I learnt was understanding the pysche of the masalchi, chefs who became friends and are still one thirty years later.

This also led to trying out different cuisines. After a bit of studying, as a Sales man, for over 20 years – traveling 15+ days a month have seen some part of India and world too. This led to tasting, liking different kinds of food. It also led to people, relatives asking about where to eat decent food in a particular city, town – yes there was no Google, but we were still very Social.

Hand written diary, became Casio and then laptop, where I jotted stuff, but had no idea or concept of photography (remember those days it was expensive) but just scribblings. Some years ago, Burrrp was launched, not wanting to be known, created an id and started writing it down there. There were a couple of humorous episodes there when I was found out 🙂 but life continued.

Blog happened, kept writing sharing on a lot of topics out of which one was food. And was not an expert on any, just musings, rants, raves, commend, recommend.

Over the years have met many serious, amateur food bloggers who treat it as their business or want to make it their business. DSLR, Smartphones, APPS, Social Media happened and Food Bloggers are dime a dozen. Good, Bad, Ugly, Amateur, Professional are all words – if it makes them happy, money, whatever, More power to them.

My only peeve being, Transparency and Ethics – If it is your business, be proud about it. Accept the criticism, try to become better. Instead of conveniently holding back stuff – like a paid review, opening night etc.

I cannot do that and hence mostly do not get invited (my presumption over the years). Also I prefer to evaluate a Restaurant over all aspects – Product, Service, Attitude = Experience and over time, not always the first day/week.

I also cannot understand the ingredients in each dish, hate too much of Fusion, Molecular, Gastromonic that tastes sublime, or softer then whatever….

I cannot write with the panache that food deserves, besides of course using all the unpronounceable names.

Also, I do not have a DSLR, neither can I photograph well using my Smart Phone because I am dumb that way.

I cannot cook beyond an omlette and a couple of petty stuff.

Whilst, I was thinking of other points Social Samosa the authority on Social Media has put up a Blog Post on Food Blogger Tips, which cancels any ambitions I may have.

Hence, I am not a Food Blogger.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends