If you point out the bad things about an Agency & Brand then, you need to accept the good thing about them also.

A fortnight back, I received an email addressed as ‘Dear Yashesh’…… inviting me to a launch preview of Social at colaba. I reacted, asking who was this person? The answer came back sharing the profile of the owner of Social, not realising, I was referring to Yashesh. Whilst this was being addressed, I also asked Riyaaz on twitter for his email id. Never having interacted with him, was not really sure, but it was given promptly.

In the meantime the seniors at the agency swung into action and replied with apologies and an explanation for the mistake.

In parallel, Riyaaz had also sent a couple of tweets, the conversation is storified

I had a friend in ICU and hence did not make it; but will definitely visit soon. In the meantime, Kudos to the agency and Riyaaz for the service recovery; though my earlier experience at Smoke House Deli the recovery is still pending 🙂

This is the way a Service business should function and hopefully others will learn.

Written by AD
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